More Than a Dentist

Good oral hygiene is about more than regular cleanings and check-ups! At Inman Park Pediatric Dentistry, we want you to be prepared to help your child care for their smile.

Nutritional Counseling

Healthy teeth start with a healthy, balanced diet! Children who have a diet that is high in carbohydrates like sugars and starches (i.e., cookies, crackers, and chips) have an increased risk for dental decay.

Other foods with a high chance of causing cavities include candy, chewy fruit snacks, dried fruits, and gummy vitamins. At your child’s routine exams, we will talk with you about your child’s diet to discover sources of dental decay, as well as discuss nutritional alternatives.

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Space Maintainers

Sometimes a primary molar (the teeth at the back of your child’s mouth) may fall out early due to things like trauma, infection, or insufficient space in the mouth.

If the permanent tooth underneath the primary tooth is not close to eruption, a space maintainer may be necessary. This is a small appliance used to hold space for permanent teeth until they are fully developed and ready to erupt in the future.

Habit Cessation

It’s very common for babies and young children suck on fingers, pacifiers, or other objects as a source of security and to learn more about their surroundings. Many times, these habits start even before they are born.

These habits should end naturally between the ages of two to three years old. If they remain longer than this, long-term problems might occur.

We’re here to help intervene by offering you advice, encouragement, support and other tools and techniques to help your child stop the bad habit at the right time.

3300 School Form

The Georgia 3300 Form is required for all new pre-K, kindergarten and 1st-grade students and all students that are new to the state of Georgia, as well as those switching from private to public school.

Please contact our office to schedule your dental examination if you need to have this form completed and we would be happy to help.