Personalized Care for Smiles of All Sizes

At Inman Park Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Camp and the team provide personalized dental care, from your child’s first visit and for life.

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White Fillings

A white filling, also called a composite filling or a resin filling, is a compound made from plastic, glass, and ceramics.

When a patient has a small cavity, sometimes a white filling is needed to restore the tooth. White fillings are similar in color and appearance to your child’s natural teeth and are normally not noticeable.

Baby Root Canal

When a cavity is very large, your child may experience throbbing, long-lasting pain or trouble sleeping. This could indicate that the cavity is near or inside the nerve of a baby tooth, causing infection and inflammation.

In these cases, a baby root canal may be necessary. If Dr. Camp determines your child requires this treatment, she will remove the infected part of the nerve and place a special medicine on top of the healthy part to help it heal.


For some cavities, a filling isn’t enough, so Dr. Camp will use a crown. In most cases. we’ll recommend a stainless-steel or silver crown, however, we also offer white crowns.

White crowns are made from a biocompatible material call zirconia. While tooth-colored crowns may be more desirable, they aren’t the best fit for every case, particularly those in which the teeth are crowded, teeth grinding is present, or those with difficulty with dental treatment and are not being sedated.

Anesthesia & Sedation

For some children, dental treatment can be intimidating, making the process a difficult task, despite our best efforts. For those children, sedation options may be required so that Dr. Camp can provide adequate treatment.

We often recommend in-office intravenous (IV) sedation. With IV sedation, a specialized anesthesiologist and their team will provide sedation while our team performs the necessary dental work, safely and pain-free!

Sedation is not an option for every child, so we’ll determine if your child meets the strict criteria for this specific service.