A New Way to Move Teeth

Brava by Brius takes a whole new approach to straightening your smile. This revolutionary method at Inman Park Orthodontics uses customized braces on the backs of your teeth to move each tooth independently yet simultaneously giving you more efficient treatment in less time.

What is Brava?

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Brava is a revolutionary way to get a straighter smile. Unlike braces or clear aligners, Brava treatment with Dr. Francis uses independent movers that are customized for you on the backs of your teeth. That means you can get a straighter smile and no one has to know you’re in treatment!

A wire doesn’t connect the movers, so each tooth moves independently yet simultaneously to give you more efficient treatment in fewer appointments. Since Dr. Francis places the movers on the backs of your teeth, Brava is completely invisible when you smile or speak.

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Brava Benefits

Quicker Treatment

Dr. Francis uses these customized independent movers to treat issues ranging from mild to complex, so there’s no limitation to what you can do with Brava™ technology.

Remarkably Hygienic

Brava has one of the smallest brackets and no wires, making it easier for you to brush and floss during treatment at Inman Park Orthodontics.

Truly Invisible

Brava™ lies behind your teeth, meaning you can speak and smile without anyone noticing. Since no one can see the Brava technology, you can keep living your life uninterrupted.

Made for All Ages

No matter the age, you deserve to smile. Dr. Francis customizes Brava™ for kids, adults, and even senior citizens!

How Does Brava Work?

Brava technology can transform your smile in four simple steps:
Step 1: Make A Plan

First, your Inman Park Orthodontics team will take a 3D scan of your teeth. Dr. Francis gives this information to Brava’s AI technology to customize the movement of your teeth.

Step 2: Design Your Brava

Your Brava technology is made right here in the U.S. from the same nickel titanium that NASA uses. NiTi’s superelastic shape memory means Dr. Francis completely personalizes Brava for your smile.

Step 3: Move Your Teeth

Dr. Francis will apply your Brava movers in our Atlanta office in about 90 minutes. Since there are no wires, you won’t have any uncomfortable adjustments or aligners to switch out during treatment.

Step 4: Show Off Your Smile

Since your appliances are on the backs of your teeth, you can confidently show off your Brava smile during treatment at Inman Park Orthodontics.

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Start Your Brava Smile

If you’re ready to learn more about customized treatment with Brava by Brius, our Inman Park Orthodontics team is here to help. Contact our office today to schedule your first free consultation with Dr. Francis to get started.